Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Well, I've been very bad for a couple of months. I've let this go, which makes me sad. Not that I have a "readership" or anything, but I do want to keep this up to show to Eli someday, so I'm back at it and determined to keep it up.

Our little guy is getting so so big. He's crawling all over the house now, which he started earlier than I thought he would, at 6 1/2 months. Before that he started sitting, and can now not only sit up without tipping over, but he can back into a sit from a crawling position very easily. Hey, I'm impressed!

He also is loving the world of baby food & table food. He especially loved strawberries, but I don't really think there's been a food he doesn't like. Even if he makes a face at something (peas, peaches), he opens his mouth for the next bite. If he likes something he opens his mouth determinedly before the food is even on the spoon!

A little naked time on the floor

My new swing! I love it.

Strawberries! Mmmmmm. So good, but so slippery.