Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Hose Fun, Toddler Style!

These about sum up this summer so far. This kid wants to be OUTSIDE all the time. He loves every minute of it! And if we don't get out there fast enough, he brings me my shoes, sometimes one high heel :) Thanks Eli!

Fun things happening lately:
  • Eli's talking sooo much. I think he learns a new word every day. Any water is a Sippy. Not just cups, but pitchers and even water fountains. And he'll argue with you if you try to tell him differently!
  • If I lay him down on the changing table and ask him if he pooped, he says "I check." I guess that's what I say to him, lol.
  • The other day I said " You tooted" (when he had). And he looked right at me and said "Mama toot!" Blaming others starts already, apparently!