Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear Eli

Dear Eli,
I'm sorry to say that your mom gave up on blogging 10 months ago, and now that I've decided to start again, I thought I should give you a reason for this gap. You see, your mommy got frustrated with all the "shoulds" with blogs (I should blog more often. I should make it fancier. I should be getting better at this), and I finally just stopped. But now you're doing so many new things every day, and I want to remember them. And I want to print a book for you someday, even if it does have a 10 month gap in it. So, I've decided to write an imperfect blog and be OK with it. It won't be fancy and will consist of pictures and things I want to remember, whenever I feel like posting them.

So here are my memories for today...

  • Last week in the car you were practicing your animal sounds. It went like this: "Mmmmm...A cow!", "Baaaaa!....A Baa!"  You don't say sheep yet, so they're Baa. You are also doing sounds for a dog (arf ), a cat (Neow), a duck (Kack, Kack), and a horse (He he he he). Daddy says the horse is the second worse horse sound he's ever heard. I don't know who he could be talking about :)
  • You climb on anything and everything now. We can't keep you off the kitchen chairs & table. You really love to stand on it and touch the chandelier. And you climb up on mommy & daddy's bed now too, which isn't easy since it's so high. When you get up there, you wait for me to come find you and you smile so big when I do.
Sitting on Grandma Kathy's lawnmower, which you love as long as no one tries to turn it on.