Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the Move!

It seems like there are so many more 'events' in our lives now that we have Eli. Well, they're events to us anyway. It's funny how this one little guy can entertain us all day long. Today, 2 more teeth came through, which brings us to 7, and the new toothbrush I bought for Eli to play around with ended up in the toilet. He had a different color in mind, I guess.

He is now crawling all over the house now and is so fast. He pulls himself up to standing and has just started to cruise along furniture toward things he wants. We've childproofed everything, but still can't take our eyes off him. He's crafty! Like a heat-seeking missile to anything he's not supposed to have!

We're also in the big boy bathtub now. Fun!

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